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At Reach, we keep this simple & take the stress out of it for you. We understand that whilst starting the journey to purchasing your First Home should be an exciting time, it can also be an emotional roller coaster & a daunting exercise negotiating with real estate agents, let alone navigating through the complex lending requirements & options available.

There’s a lot to know, let us guide you through the journey making you feel at ease knowing you have us in your corner & always within Reach.

It may be due to upgrading to a larger family home as your family has outgrown the space, downsizing to a smaller property with less maintenance, or even to get in to a certain school zone for the kids education. There are many reasons why you may be wanting to move. There are many finance options including Bridging Loans, Refinancing & Equity Access loans. Talk to Reach about what option will best suit your requirements.

Generally when looking at refinancing it comes under the below 3 reasons. Whatever the reason, this is the perfect time to have a Reach Better Loan health Check as we will research & negotiate the market keeping the Banks honest, ensuring you get the best deal along with ensuring you have the best structure in place for your circumstances. This could save you thousands!

1) Is my rate the best I can do? You may be looking to review your current loan to gauge if you are paying too much against what is in the Market. Too often we find that lenders are constantly increasing their existing customers loan interest rates behind the scenes, suddenly that great offer you received is now costing you thousands.

2) Borrow additional funds You could be looking to access additional funds for anything from going on a holiday to doing some home improvements or consolidating other debts. Whatever the reason this is a great time to have a Reach Better Loan Health Check.

3) Dissatisfied service You may have approached your existing Bank for many reasons only to leave with an underwhelming & disappointing experience.  Reach will deal with the banks for you & we will be your personal contact.

Construction Loans are just that, specifically designed for funding the Construction of a property or renovations to an established property. The loan is progress based, meaning instead of receiving the full loan at once, the builder is paid form the loan as each stage of the property is completed. The beauty of this is that you will only be required to make interest only repayments on the loan amount drawn so you are not making full repayments until your house is complete. This can make a big difference for managing cashflow whilst building as you also still be paying rent or another mortgage etc.

Almost all lenders offer the same loans to Non Self Employed applicants as Self Employed applicants, the difference is how they will assess your income. Some lenders require 2 years financials which can result in less borrowing capacity where as others will only require 1 years depending on your circumstances. Whilst that is the most common form of Self Employed income verification there are other  verifications that can be done to assess your income. In addition to this, at Reach we have extensive experience of understanding complex business structures & entities that can be useful in maximising the income assessment to get the most out of your situation.

A Home Loan where the purpose is for Investment. This could be for purchasing an investment property or accessing funds against your family home for the purpose of ‘investing’.  Generally, lenders will have a higher interest rate for investment loans so it is important you seek assistance & advice to ensure the right loan structure is provided.

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"Daniel and I would like to say a big THANK YOU to you for your ongoing support and advice over the past few years. It has been a huge process and there is no way that our new house would have been possible without you. You are certainly worth your weight in gold!! Thank you so much again!!!"

Daniel & Taryn Richards

"Scott Husson is the guardian angel of mortgage brokers. He went above and beyond to advocate for us and his professionalism won’t be forgotten"

Caitlin Tyler

"First of all, thankyou for all of your help over the last several months. I have been very impressed with your patience and your ability to play the long game with a client instead of “what’s in it for me right now”. It is a quality I value in my own staff and appreciate you being of that ilk. The process has been really smooth during a stressful time for us and I appreciate you taking the pain out of it. Thanks mate, speak soon"

Dave Hammett, Bunnik Tours

"I can't recommend Scott highly enough for his superior knowledge in lending, his customer service and most importantly, his constant communication. I have worked with Scott on a personal level and more so professional level and he will always get the job done fast with no fuss."

Alison Bond, Harris Real Estate

'Financing dreams' 

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'Financing dreams' 

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